Proceedings of the NCS2011 - Bul. Chem. Comm. 2012 S44


• Crystal Growth and Ontogenia

• Mineral Structures

• Chemical Crystallography

• Nano- & Micro-sized materials

• Macromolecular crystallography

• Defects, microstructures and textures

• Structure-Properties relationship

• Experimental Techniques and Equipment

Program and Book of abstracts.


Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry - BAS

Geological Institute - BAS


Invited, Pleanary and Keynotes

We are planning an outstanding set of  invited speakers with various expertise covering each of the topics.

The plenary sessions are a very important part of the NCS meetings. It is important that our plenary speakers give exciting, stimulating, informative, talks that are suitable to the majority of our meeting attendees.

Every day you will be treated to a keynote in the early morning and another right after lunch break.

Third National Crystallographic Symposium (NCS2011)


The initial, crystallography devoted NCS symposium from 2009, has grown in scope to encompass theoretical modelling, programming, practices and paradigms addressing current structural challenges, such as nanosized maeterials, ultra-large scale systems and hardware platforms.

Why go to a symposium when we can learn and share our experiences through web sites, blogs, irc, podcasts, social networking and other Internet channels? Past NCS attendees will tell you: Internet interactions pale in comparison to the richness and intensity of up to 14 hours of continuous face-to-face communication each symposium day.

At NCS, you will find out about the latest developments from research and industry, participate in workshops, improve your skills at a hands-on demonstrations, or join other sessions that will feed your mind in creative and fun ways.

After the formal sessions it is the perfect time to get to know fellow attendees while nourishing the body, either at the symposium meeting or in one of the many nearby restaurants and pubs.

The soul needs nurturing too! NCS invited, keynote and plenary speakers widen the perspectives of our profession and expand our relations to culture, society and the world scientific community.

To feed your mind, body and soul, please join us at NCS 2011.