V-th National Crystallographic Symposium NCS2014


Proceedings of the Vth National Crystallographic Symposium – Preface



B. Donkova, V. Petkova, Comparison of thermal behaviour of γ-MnC2O4.2H2O in oxidative and inert media



K. I. Milenova, A. E. Eliyas, V. N. Blaskov, I. A. Avramova, I. D. Stambolova, S. V. Vassilev, P. M. Nikolov, N. A. Kassabova, S. K. Rakovsky, Comparative study of ZnO photocatalyst samples prepared by different methods



R. I. Petkov, R. Vl. Gavrilova, L. P. Atanasov, Investigation of the possibility to increase the mechanical properties of ferritic nodular cast iron



L. Tsvetanova, N. Petrova, S. Ferdov, V. Kostov-Kytin, R. Nikolova, Crystal structure of Ag+ exchanged ETS-4 at room temperature and 150 K



A. A. Petrova, S. M. Angelova, I. A. Nikolchina, R. I. Russev, V. B. Kurteva, B. L. Shivachev, R. P. Nikolova, Novel 13-membered cyclic dioxatetraaza scaffolds – synthesis, solution and solid state characterization



A. K. Stoyanova-Ivanova, S. D. Terzieva, G. D. Ivanova, M. A. Mladenov, D. G. Kovacheva, R. G. Raicheff, S. I. Georgieva, B. S. Blagoev, A. J. Zaleski, V. Mikli, The use of high-temperature superconducting cuprate as a dopant to the negative electrode in Ni-Zn batteries



V. I. Petrunov, L. S. Andreeva, S. I. Karatodorov, V. I. Mihailov, S. D. Terzieva, I. Ilievska, A. K. Stoyanova-Ivanova, V. G. Tumbalev, V. Mikli, Analysis of elemental composition of a heat activated, multi-force, nickel titanium othodontic archwire



V. G. Petrov, S. D. Terzieva, V. G. Tumbalev, V. Mikli, L. S. Andreeva, A. K. Stoyanova-Ivanova, Influence of the treatment period on the morphology and the chemical composition of the thermally activated orthodontic archwires



Y. I. Kouzmanova, I. V. Dimitrova, G. D. Gentscheva, L. I. Aleksandrov, M. G. Markova-Velichkova, D. G. Kovacheva, Comparative study of the phase formation and interaction with water of calcium-silicate cements with dental applications



S. Dimitrovska-Lazova, S. Aleksovska, P. Tzvetkov, V. Mirčeski, D. Kovacheva,Influence of Y-ion substitution on structural and electrochemical characteristics of YCo0.5Fe0.5O3



I. K. Mihailova, L. Radev, V. A. Aleksandrova, I. V. Colova, I. M. M. Salvado, M. H. V. Fernandes, Novel merwinite/akermanite ceramics: in vitro bioactivity



K. L. Zaharieva, Z. P. Cherkezova-Zheleva, B. N. Kunev, I. G. Mitov, S. S. Dimova, Impact of chemical composition on preparation of nanodimensional spinel ferrites



E. V. Todorova, G. E. Chernev, St. P. Djambazov, Synthesis and characterization of silica hybrid materials applicable for defect remediation of concrete



M. Abdallah, N. Velikova, Y. Ivanova, Y. Dimitriev, Synthesis and characterization of poly sulfide-functionalized hybrid mesoporous silica



T. S. Tsoncheva, I. G. Genova, N. Scotti, M. D. Dimitrov, A. Gallo, D. G. Kovacheva, N. Ravasio, Silica supported copper and cobalt oxide catalysts for methanol decomposition: Effect of preparation procedure



A. Shalaby, D. Nihtianova, P. Markov, A. D. Staneva, R. S. Iordanova, Y. B. Dimitriev, Structural analysis of reduced graphene oxide by transmission electron microscopy



I. G. Dakova, V. A. Dakov, M. Karadjov, I. B. Karadjova, Cu(II)-imprinted copolymer microparticles: effect of the porogen solvents on particle size, morphology and sorption efficiency



L. Djerahov, P. Vasileva, I. Karadjova, I. Dakova, R. M. Kurakalva, Silver nanoparticles embedded in biocompatible polymers: extraction efficiency toward metals



V. M. Dyulgerov, L. T. Dimowa, K. Kossev, R. P. Nikolova, B. L. Shivachev,Solvothermal synthesis of theophylline and N,N'-(ethane-1,2-diyl)diformamide co-crystals from DMF decomposition and N-formylation trough catalytic effect of 3-carboxyphenylboronic acid and cadmium acetate



N. G. Kostova, M. Achimovičová, A. Eliyas, N. Velinov, V. Blaskov, I. Stambolova, E. Gock, TiO2 obtained from mechanically activated ilmenite and its photocatalytic properties



M. D. Dimitrov, R. N. Ivanova, V. Štengl, J. Henych, D. G. Kovacheva, T. S. Tsoncheva, Optimization of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxide catalysts for ethyl acetate combustion



A. M. Stoyanova, N. K. Ivanova, A. D. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. S. Iordanova, Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of Fe (III), N co-doped TiO2 nanoparticles



K. I. Milenova, A. E. Eliyas, V. N. Blaskov, I. A. Avramova, I. D. Stambolova, Y. G. Karakirova, S. V. Vassilev, P. M. Nikolov, N. A. Kasabova, S. K. Rakovsky,Copper doped zinc oxide nanopowders used for degradation of residual azo dyes in wastewaters



K. L. Zaharieva, K. I. Milenova, Z. P. Cherkezova-Zheleva, S. S. Dimova, B. N. Kunev, A. E. Eliyas, I. G. Mitov, I. D. Stambolova, V. N. Blaskov, Effect of the duration of mechanochemical treatment on the photocatalytic activity under UV light irradiation of nano-sized zinc oxide synthesized by precipitation



K. V. Koleva, N. I. Velinov, T. S. Tsoncheva, I. G. Mitov, Preparation, structure and catalytic properties of copper-zinc ferrites



M. P. Tsvetkov, K. L. Zaharieva, Z. P. Cherkezova-Zheleva, M. M. Milanova, I. G. Mitov, Photocatalytic activity of nanostructure zinc ferrite-type catalysts in degradation of Malachite green under UV-light



L. Dimowa, I. Piroeva, S. Atanasova-Vladimirova, B. Shivachev, S. Petrov,Compositional and structural study of partially exchanged on Na+, K+, Mg2+ and Ca2+ natural heulandite



T. I. Apostolova, Intensity and SAR dependent changes in conformation of frog skeletal muscle total protein content after irradiation with 2.45 GHz electromagnetic field



R. D. Gegova, A. D. Bachvarova-Nedelcheva, R. S. Iordanova, Y. B. Dimitriev, Synthesis and crystallization of gels in the TiO2–TeO2–ZnO system



A. Yoleva, S. Djambazov, P. Djambazov, Study of medieval ceramics excavated at the monastery of Karaachteke (Varna, Bulgaria)



N. Kaneva, A. Bojinova, K. Papazova, D. Dimitrov, I. Svinyarov, M. Bogdanov, Effect of thickness on the photocatalytic properties of ZnO thin films



N. Kaneva, A. Bojinova, K. Papazova, D. Dimitrov, Sol aging effect on the structure and photocatalytic action of ZnO films for pharmaceutical drugs degradation



T. D. Todorova, Yu. A. Kalvachev, Seed-mediated approach to size-controlled synthesis of a mordenite type zeolite from organic template free initial gel



G. Patronov, I. Kostova, D. Tonchev, Influence of the content of samarium on the structure and the optical properties of zinc borophosphate materials



S. Zh. Todorova, Z. P. Cherkezova-Zheleva, I. D. Yordanova, A. Ganguly, H. G. Kolev, S. Mondal, M. G. Shopska, K. K. Tenchev, N. I. Velinov, A. K. Ganguli, G. B. Kadinov, Nano-sized iron oxide with controlled size modified with Pd for purification processes



P. Petkova, K. Boubaker, P. Vasilev, M. Mustafa, T. Larbi, Urbach’s rule of Ni doped Mn3O4 thin films



D. Marinkova, M. Michel, R. Raykova, D. Danalev, S. Yaneva, L. Yotova, P. Griesmar, Investigation on the proliferation of Gram negative bacterial cells onto sol-gel carriers



A. Hassaan, S. Yaneva, L. Yotova, Design of optical biosensors for detection of pharmaceutical products





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Симпозиумът се осъществява с финансовата подкрепа на Министерство на образованието и науката на РБългария

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the V-th National Crystallographic Symposium, NCS-2014. The event will be held from 25 to 27 September 2014 in University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia. This is the most important event organized under the auspices of the Bulgarian Crystallographic Society in 2014, officially proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the International Year of Crystallography.

During the past few years in Sofia were successfully held I-st, II- nd, III- th and IV- th National Crystallographic Symposia (NCS). Over the years this event has become an attractive place for a meeting of specialists in various fields of materials science. Over 200 scientists of many research institutes of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Universities from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Greece and other countries, participated in the previous symposium NCS-2012.

Уважаеми колеги,

От името на Организационния комитет имам удоволствието да Ви поканя за участие в V-ти Национален Кристалографски Симпозиум, NCS-2014. Събитието ще се проведе в периода 25 – 27 септември 2014 г. в ХИМИКОТЕХНОЛОГИЧЕН И МЕТАЛУРГИЧЕН УНИВЕРСИТЕТ – СОФИЯ. Това е най-важното събитие, организирано под егидата на Българското Кристалографско Дружество през 2014 г., официално обявена от ООН за международна година на кристалографията.

От 2009 до 2012 г. в София успешно бяха проведени I-ви, II-ри, III-ти и IV-ти Национални Кристалографски Симпозиуми (NCS). Автори от много научни институти на БАН, български университети и университети от Германия, Испания, Гърция и др. участваха в предходния симпозиум NCS-2012, домакин, на който беше ХТМУ-София. Над 200 автори се включиха в докладите и постерните представяния и над 100 бяха посетителите на научните сесии.

С годините това събитие се превърна в привлекателно място за среща и изява на широк кръг специалисти в областта на материалознанието. Безспорно постижение е публикуването за трети пореден път на сборник с най-добрите трудове на този форум в престижното списание Bulgarian Chemical Communications (BCC). Това списание се реферира и е видимо в Internet пространството, което дава възможност пълноценна изява на участниците.