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Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Grand Hall, 15 Noemvri str. Number 1
1000 Sofia
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Conference  venue Hall


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and its largest city. Sofia is located in the western part of the country, on The Sofia Plain and on the lower slopes of Mount Vitosha. The capital is founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to develop as the country’s cultural and economic center. There are many streets, buildings, parks, and even whole neighborhoods preserved with the architectural style from the turn of the century. At present, the city has a population of 1,250,000.

Useful information:

Time zone in Bulgaria: Greenwich Mean Time + 2 hours,
Central European Time + 1 hour

Bulgaria country phone code: +359
Emergency number: 112
Currency: Bulgarian Lev (1 lv. = 1.9558 €)
The main international credit cards are accepted in most hotels, shopping centers, car rental offices and some restaurants. The stickers on the shop-windows or at the hotel entrances will provide you with information as to which credit cards are accepted.
ATM/banking as well as currency exchange facilities are also available.

Travel Information

Sofia airport

Sofia International Airport is the largest airport and primary gateway to Bulgaria. It is located 11 km (6.2 mi) east from the center of Sofia and the venue of the conference. The trip from the airport to the venue takes app. 35 min by bus 84) and less than  15 min by the subway (metro) - tickets are availlbe by the bus drivers. Information about flights to Sofia is available at: from Sofia Airport to Bulgarian Academy f Sciences

By Metro - destination statio is Sofia University

Schedule for Bus 84  (target station " Ploshtad Orlov Most ",   ПЛ. ОРЛОВ МОСТ ;

Sofia city transport map

Google Maps from "Ploshtad Orlov Most"   to Symposium Venue  (vie Metro)

Google Maps from Metro Sofia University to Symposium Venue




Симпозиумът се осъществява с финансовата подкрепа на Министерство на образованието и науката на РБългария

Симпозиумът се организира със съдействието на Фонд „Научни изследвания“  по договор за съфинансиране No ДПМНФ 01/13 от 27.09.2016 г.

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