National Crystallographic Symposium NCS2012

NCS2012 Proceedings:
Dear colleagues, the materials from the NCS2012 symposium have been sent for publications to the journal Bulg. Chem. Comm. Online versions of the manuscriptomanuscripts can be found here.

Dear Colleagues and Interested Parties,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we are pleased to invite you to participate in the Fourth National Crystallographic Symposium to be held in the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia, November 1–3, 2012.

During the past years the National Crystallographic Symposium won recognition as a leading scientific event, not only for the Bulgarian crystallographic community, but also welcoming participants from different European countries. These Symposia are the principal scientific activity of the Bulgarian Crystallographic Society (BCS) and reflect the current state of research in the fields of crystallography, crystal chemistry, crystal physics, mineralogy and materials science, thus being characterized by an interdisciplinary spirit. A testimony for the growing interest to the National Crystallographic Symposium is the fact that the Ist (2009), IInd (2010) and IIIrd (2011) ones were attended by over 100 participants. The organizers of the IVth National Crystallographic Symposium invited leading researchers from abroad to inspire the interdisciplinary audience and attract young researchers to this important field of science. Main purpose of this meeting is to create background for the crystallographic community in Bulgaria to meet and share knowledge and experience in modern crystallographic approaches of matter study achieved by scientists from national research institutes and universities and offers the opportunity for young scientists
in various disciplines of Crystallography to present their research and exchange new ideas during the round table discussions.

We very much hope that these symposia reveal the high quality work of the Bulgarian crystallographers and are good basis for provoking business interest in investment in production of high technological materials. We are looking forward to successful organization of the Fourth National Crystallographic Symposium ( to be held in Sofia, November 1–3 and hope that you will join us.